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QAVNIO Global Corporation

Qavnio Global Corporation is a privately held corporation with headquarters in Ontario, Canada. Our mission is to bring quality products easily available to our clients world-wide.

At Qavnio Global Corporation, we are proud and grateful for the trust our clients put in us. With years of experience and market knowledge, we act to build and maintain lasting relationships with our clients and customers by understanding their product need and providing the best quality products at competitive prices.

Why Choose Us

Quality products. Reliable supply. Risk free environment.


Timely Delivery

We work with highly professional freight forwarder and trucking companies to make sure client shipment is delivered on time.


Quality Guarantee

We know the supplier

as well and their products and work closely with the client and producer to meet the best possible quality at competitive prices. 

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Customer Satisfaction

We strive to provide our suppliers feedback from our clients, so they always produce better than to their expectations.


Value-Added Services

We are committed to inform our clients of new products available or better prices that we think could benefit the growth of their business.

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High quality products

Directly from the producer

Timely Delivery

Quality Guarantee

Customer Satisfaction

Aalue-Added Services

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